Brad Kneece - Shop Keeper

What is the first thing you do when you start your work day ? 

Breakfast! I’m an early riser. A few days of the week I’m working to perfect my biscuit game. Buttery biscuit in one hand while checking and replying to emails from clients. 


If you could pick any character from a TV show and pair them with any character from a book for a whole new story, who would you put together?

No idea!


What was your first job?

Growing up on a farm - once you could walk you were handed a job. If i could reach the pedals I was expected to drive it. But around 16 I ventured a few miles down the road to work at a friend’s peach packing shed. On my first day I was the peach dumper but I failed miserably so I was demoted to box making. 


Do you believe the way we dress affects the way we think?

Definitely! I think they’re so interwoven. Forgive the pun. 


Who would play you in the movie version of your life?

I would hope Jude Law but I think would prefer Chris Farley (RIP). 


Five things to do less often?

1. Being on the phone. 2. Smoking. 3. Doubting. 4. Cheeseburgers. 5. Binging shows. 


 What are 3 things you have faith in?

Hmm. 1. A plant will grow if you give it care. 2. I think hope is truly important. 3. And I guess myself. 


What was in your mailbox today?

A new bike lock and a little custom ring with a Dino bird. 


What is in your fridge today?

My first Korean corn dog (leftover), always iced tea… always. Buttermilk. Eggs. Butter. My moms blackberry jam she makes every year from wild blackberries around the farm. It is the best. 


What did you like to buy from the school cafeteria?

They made the most basic,awful pizza but I loved it. 


Which parent are you closer to?

Definitely closer to my mom. We talk about gardening and recipes. She’s so no nonsense- a quality I greatly admire. 


What childhood toy did you long for and never get?

It wasn’t exactly a toy. And there were actuallly two. I wanted a real monkey so badly… never got. And I thought is I couldn’t have that then I should have the striped canopy go cart from Fantasy Island. 


Do you believe in God?



 What is your cringiest fashion faux pas?

A half shirt I wore in 7th grade. What was I thinking. 


If you had intro music, what song would it be?

Valerie (Steve Winwood) lol. I don’t know! 


What Do You Think Of Tattoos? Do You Have Any?

Yes I have a ruler on my forearm and friends kid’s drawing of a smiley face above my heart. I love tattoos and plan for more.


What Do You Think Of Homemade Gifts?

Love them  They’re always my favorite to give and to get. I’ve made a giant chicken named Julia for a friend and more recently a set of dollhouse furniture out of clay with a 70s vibe.

It’s talent night, what are you bringing?

My foot tambourine of course. 

Brad Kneece,  calls himself a "shop keeper" which is cool + pretty modest all things considering, Brad   is  a massive part of the creative team  at " Worthwhile" in Charleston , South Carolina.

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