Tamara Weiss- Producer of Many Things



Do you feel you have met your own expectations?

Never, I am always striving to do more.


How do you measure success?

Happiness, I am.


What has been the most significant plot twist in your life?

After decades of marriage, the DIVORCE.


What was your first job?

Waitressing at The Aquinnah Shop on Gay Head Cliffs.


What is your next major deadline?

The final Pass of my book, Vineyard Folk.

" The true soul of Martha's Vineyard, Captured through the eyes of the Artists and Artisans who live there"


What do you feel is the biggest sign of weakness in another person?

Not standing up for what they know to be true.


Who is your best friend ? How did you meet?

I have so many beloved " best friends", Carly Simon has been a constant in my life, through thick and thin. We track each other daily. Our parents were friends first.


What smell brings back great memories?

Mother's Bake Shop in the Bronx, Black + White Cookies, just out of the oven.


What are 3 things you have faith in?

The sun will rise tomorrow, Jules + Noah.

Tamara Weiss + Family, Martha's Vineyard

Tamara + her twin sons Jules + Noah .


What did you learn a little too late?

It's never ever too late to learn.


5 things to do less often ?

I would rather have 5 things to do MORE often.

1.See my children.

2.Read more novels.

3.Deepen my relationships.

4. Spend time in my vegetable garden.

5. Laugh until I'm crying.


Who would play you in the movie version of your life?

My wonderful friend and incredible actress , Amy Brenneman.


Share a poem you ❤️ ?
by John Berger

In the morning
folded with its wild flowers 
washed and ironed
it takes up little space in the drawer. 

Shaking it open 
she ties it round her head. 

In the evening she pulls it off 
and lets it fall 
still knotted to the floor. 

On a cotton scarf 
among printed flowers 
a working day 
has written its dream. 
Would you rather have your dream job or find your true love?
True Love, of course.

Tamara Weiss lives on Martha’s Vineyard where she owned the HOME store Midnight Farm for over twenty years.  Tamara recently produced a music documentary called BORN INTO THE GIG and is working on a Bio Picture based on Carly Simon’s memoir, Boys In The Trees. She is developing a food-travel tv series with actor Tony Shalhoub hosting called Breaking Bread. She is an interior designer and has created many homes on Martha’s Vineyard. Her latest creative endeavor is a book called Vineyard Folk, about artists on the island, published by by Abrams, May, 2023.

Keep up with Tamara's latest projects here @twislandgirl




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  • John Dunn

    It’s unlikely you will remember me, but you may remember our daughter, Alicia Dunn, who worked for you at Midnight Farm the summer of 2002. I still have the copy of POTLUCK that you inscribed to us, thanking us for “loaning us your wonderful daughter.” I wanted to let you know that I still bake from it and will be baking the Lambert Cove Tea Cake for a Christmas Eve luncheon, as well as well as Casey’s Alaska Cookies and Caramel Pecan Squares for Christmas cookie bags.

    Best of luck in your many new ventures.

    John Dunn
    Bath ME

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