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  • Jamie

    I discovered Domi when my pregnant client showed up laboring in cute little slip gowns & I fell in love. As a thank you she gave me a gift card to Domi. Well it turns out I lost the email, so I contacted Domi to ask if there was any way possible to resend it – to my surprise I received a very kind, understanding response and the gift card was reissued! So I selected some items & excitedly awaited my order. When I received the order, oddly one pair of pants was missing a drawstring. I once again contacted Domi who immediately responded saying they would remedy the situation. Lo and behold, I received a whole new pair of pants instead of just a drawstring! Hands down, the customer service was phenomenal! They obviously care about their customers, and the pajamas are just so cute & comfy – will definitely buy again!

  • Anne

    I have been a fan of Domi since Day One. The gowns and slips are light and airy yet seem to stay fresh and lovely forever. The lounge wear is genius: pure comfort, esp. the dhoti pants which I hope Domi will continue to make for years to come. Customer service is spectacular as well. Domi, will you be my neighbor?

  • Ann

    I have 4 sets of your pajamas now and have just ordered my 5th. AND I’ve sent them to my daughter-in-law as well. Not only are they the MOST comfortable and CUTEST sleepwear I’ve ever had but your service has been above and beyond! You wrapped the pj’s for my daughter-in-law and now you’ve just rerouted my latest purchase so it will come to me at my vacation spot. Needless to say I am a huge fan! (I love my white sweatshirt and t-shirt too)

    Thank you Domi❤️

  • Claire Ellis

    SO cute! I feel like a little French girl in the country side when I slip into my PJ sets. There are a few things in life that are worth getting quality – sushi and comfy sleepwear are two of them! Buy for the print and stay for the comfort. Also, I am obsessed with their signature scent! It is so beautiful, herbal, and fresh with just the right amount of earthiness!

  • Jesse

    I LOVE EVERYTHING I HAVE FROM YOU! Seriously, I am so particular about sleepwear. Yours is the BEST. Thank you for making it.