Christie Moreno-Trejo - Small Business Owner



Who was your childhood hero ?

I adored my grandmother whom I just lost a couple of years ago, she was 103!  She was a bad ass Boyle Heights Russian who worked in a factory in East LA and took vacations in her 60’s to paint her own house.


When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

A first grade teacher!  I would still do it.


What was your first job? 

I worked at the coolest Pizza Parlor in Montebello called Barros Pizza!  It was the hang out on  Friday’s after local football games and all the cute guys would come in…very Dazed and Confused esque.  (70’s)

What books should I be reading? 

I am a voracious reader, classics, contemporary, French literature etc, BUT I was recently gifted Happy Go Lucky by David Sedaris and LAUGHED OUT LOUD at every page.  That’s what everyone should be reading!

What is the best age? 

Every age.  at the moment 3 years old is  pretty remarkable as I have a grandson that age who owns my heart.

Give me some good deed ideas?

Donate to Planned Parent-Hood.

Any advice on getting a good nights sleep?  

CBD with a ton of THC, nighty night bunny rabbit.

Do you believe in God? 


Christie Moreno Trejo is the founder  of CM Personnel. a certified Minority Owned Enterprise. Christie lives in Whittier California with her husband David and her three giant yellow dogs. She is an avid traveller and one of Domi's favorite customers.


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