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How have you changed in the last two years?

I've grown to be more financially mature. I spent these last 2 years getting out of debt. At 27 years old, I became debt free on December 1st, 2022. I paid off $37,000 in student loan debt. I had credit card debt and old unpaid hospital bills too. I worked numerous jobs, I sold all of my designer items, I sold all of my non-designer items, I won a $15,000 business grant, I was on food stamps, I was on medicaid, I hopped the train in NYC, I never went out to eat, I stopped having sex, I stopped drinking, and I paid off the debt. That can be challenging as a 20 something year old, because my peers want to go out and spend money. I made a vow to never go back into debt. I watched a lot of Dave Ramsey, too. Getting out of debt taught me the value of a dollar. It made me more intentional about my business as an Author, and my life as a human being. It taught me discipline, true minimalism, and true intentionality. My life has more meaning now. And obviously I feel financially free. I don't owe anyone anything. I can enjoy being present, without anything on my back. 


If you had to wear one outfit from head to toe every day for a year, what would it be? 

I would wear an all black suit blazer, a crisp black t-shirt, a pair of black suit pants, and a 24k gold chain that says "IS" on it, which are my initials. I would have on a pair of small 24k gold hoop earrings and a 24k gold band ring, too. Lastly, I would have on a pair of matte black Maison Margiela Tabi Loafers, with black panties and black socks on. All of those pieces are comfortable, minimal, sleek, and refined, like me. It would be an all black outfit, so the dirt wouldn't be noticeable, as I am wearing it everyday. The outfit would still look clean. And I love 24k gold jewelry; the yellow is dark and pronounced. My initials are minimal too. "IS" means "to be". That would keeps me grounded in my spirituality, and in myself. That whole outfit is just clean, refined, and dope. I would wear my hair in a tight slicked back bun. I pretty much dress like that now! People say that I remind them of Steve Jobs.


 If you could only keep 5 possessions what would they be?

A pencil, a notebook, a laptop to publish that notebook, water, and a hundred dollar bill in order to buy things to invest into, and sell, so that I can make more money.


Were you ever bullied? By who? How did you manage it?

I was bullied by my family members and by my peers. I was bullied about my dark skin, my skinny-ness, my nose, my big forehead, my style, and sometimes I was bullied for reasons I still don't know. Unfortunately, at the time I would try to kiss my bullies asses. I thought that being nice to them would make them stop bullying me, because I was honoring how amazing and beautiful they were. Sometimes that worked, but other times it only made it worse. I started to be at the mercy of their moods. When they got angry, I was afraid that I would be a victim of it. When they were happy, I felt like I succeeded. But I think that stemmed from my relationship with my mother. She was emotionally abusive sometimes. I would do anything to make her happy, but then I would suffer when she wasn't. I just wanted external peace, and I would do anything for it. But now, I stay away from people when they're upset. I don't make myself responsible for their emotions.


Can you write me a short poem about your day so far?

even when i'm mad or sad,

even when i'm not present or i see myself as a peasant,

my day is good, as it should.

there's never a would or a could,

i get shit done, i'm always on the run.


How do you feel about marriage?

I like the idea of marriage, and coming together as one. I think that you should marry the right person for you. I think that you should marry someone who is financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually responsible. I think that you should be all of those things too, so that when you come together it's bigger and better. Think of Jay Z and Beyonce. Be with someone who respects you, who is present with you, and who understands that unconditionally loving someone means that you also have to be nice to that person. Sometimes people use unconditional love as an excuse to be horrible. Marriage is good. Sometimes people are bad in marriages, but marriage is good.


Do you believe in God?

I believe in a higher power. It can be called anything though, not just God.


India Summers Period

A poem from From Period,  2020

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

I would play me. Only I can be me.


 INDIA SUMMERS  effortlessly sold over 4,000 copies of her debut poetry book #BARS in its first year. #BARS was independently written, edited, designed, and published by India in 2018. #BARS was sold book by book  in person , online, and in bookstores, both  nationally and internationally. India then went on to publish her second poetry book PERIOD in 2020, followed by India's most recent collection aptly titled  "IS" .

You can  purchase all three volumes on her   website.

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