Sawyer B. - Kindergartener





What is the most Important Super Power you could Have?

I have two most important.

Invisibility , so that I can be invisible and I can scare people also so I can play hide and seek and just stand there in plain site and because I also want to have it so I can steal candy.


If someone gave you 20$ what would you buy?

Ummm , I would buy 10 000 Monster Jam remote control toys


What do you like to do on the weekend.

Ooooh that’s an easy one. I like to ride dirt bikes, be with my Mommy and Daddy and on Sunday that’s another weekend I’m allowed to watch T.V and be with my Mom and Dad.


What is your Best memory

When Luca jumped out of the tube on a wave


What food do you eat everyday

I eat cereal


If your cats could talk what would they say about you?

They love me and they love that I give them lots of treats and stuff.


What makes you the happiest ?

Being with my mom and dad and Eli and Luka and no school for 10 years


Do you have any Tattoo’s

I do, A heart literally and a cross and an easter bunny

If you could get a permanent Tattoo what would it be of

Umm a flower


Tell me something you dreamed of doing for a long time

Being the best dirt bike rider.


Any tips for getting a good nights sleep?

I have a tip, close your eyes and be calm.


Any comments about your new pajamas ( playsuit)

They feel the best, how do you make them? I want to know how do you make the best feeling of those.

Sawyer  is a Kindergarten student in Los Angeles. He lives with his Mom and Dad.

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