Jakki Fink- Goodtime Girl

Jakki Fink
What is the biggest mistake people make about you when they first meet you?
That I’m easy going.

What did you learn a little too early?
Seemingly insignificant memories are not insignificant.

If you had intro music, what would it be?
Herp Albert Tijuana Taxi

Has anyone ever saved your life or have you ever saved anyones life?
Yes to both.

What’s One Thing You Know For Sure?
I feel loved.

What childhood toy did you long for and never get?
Barbie Dream House

Send me a photo of something you made.
Totally weird thing I made. I mean what is it? A monkey?  A bear? Both?

Jakki's monkey bear

Jakki lives in Minneapolis with her partner Jim and their dog Olive. Among her many talents , outstanding cook, funny person, creative  and friend, Jakki is also head of sales at The Aubrey Company. 

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