Karen Leigh Hopkins - Screenwriter & Film Director

Who was your childhood hero?

Millie Poggiali. My Aunt. She is my daughters' namesake and was a visionary with giant ideas that even a small town could not contain. She was a woman who did things her way and always with a flourish. She taught me how to enter a room and be seen. She chewed Beemans gum and snapped it every third time. She also snapped her black long line bra with aplomb when it rode up. She coined the phrase " ain no sonuvabitch worth it. which i have at long last lived by.

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

An actress who wore satin gowns and slept in champagne satin bedding. I still want that, but I should probably grow up first.

When are you most comfortable in your own skin?

May I get back to you next lifetime on that one?

Do you feel you have met your own expectations?

never. but I love waking up every day to the possibility that this day I will get closer to them. and sometimes that happens.

How do you measure success?

With the size of an ice cream cone.

What is the first thing you do when you start your work day

I wake my hunkasaurous of a labrador up and say the little phrases I try to live by to him, okay, with him, along with wishes some call prayers for people I love, and those that suffer. Coffee.

How do you spend Sunday?

Working but in a way I trick myself. A quick trip to the 99c store. Then I'll do some gardening of plants I've either acquired, or am bringing back to life, drink a Mexican Coke, possibly bake in between work and then try to visit a friend or watch a film.

Super power or spirit animal, which and why?

Super Power I can find good shit cheap. It is a fun game for me. I love doing it for others. Many friends give me a list of things they need and I don't buy it, I acquire it and I don't mean by outright stealing. By scrappy hook and crook. A; My spirit animal is a deer. They live with fear but find a way to be graceful and their unique tender selves despite where they are in nature's pecking order. They amaze me. Once I looked out the window at 6:46pm and one was walking down my block and I do not live in a Nature Reserve.

How did you spend your last birthday?

every day is my birthday. so, yesterday i did stuff.

Past Projects include, Miss Meadows, Stepmom, Because I Said So. Currently writing an original series for Netflix on the most prolific female serial killer in 1650's Italy. writing a producing a female comedy for Sony Pictures


  • Thomas

    I am a big fan of Miss Meadows. Dear Karen, I hope you can do a follow-up to it? It’s
    brilliant. I am surely not the only person to think so. It truly deserves a second part — perhaps where she relapses into vigilantism
    again, despite being married — or a prequel showing her previous vigilantism. Miss Meadows is simply too good of a character to have just one film. Perhaps a television
    series is in order? Thanks for writing that script!

  • Tommy Kovac

    Karen is a lady i’m honored to know and have interviewed on my podcast. She’s honest, incredibly smart, passionate about the arts, has an almost child-like enthusiasm about her and extremely talented. You’re one of the good Karen’s!.

  • Michelle Fiordaliso

    Karen Leigh Hopkins, despite looking relaxed in her gorgeous Domi pajamas, is an unstoppable force of nature who can get anything done. This inspiring interview reminds me to take inspiration from those who came before us and to keep searching for what we want whether it’s a pair of perfectly worn-in boots or our soulmate. Brava!

  • Nadine

    Like her writing, Karen is a gift to everyone who knows her.

  • Carolyn

    OK this is my new style. I am wearing pajamas out into the world with my faux fur coat! Love the vibe.
    This person is like her own lifestyle Brand!

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