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How would You spend your time if money was no object?

I’d probably be spending my time the same way if money was no object—collecting vintage, taking photos, eating delicious food and traveling. I’ve always managed to do what I love, one way or another. I ask myself at the end of every day if I could die happy, and 99% of the time the answer is ‘yes.’ Money is never the deciding factor. 


One is Something about you that few people know?

One fact few people know about me is that I’m obsessed with fashion designer Tina Leser. I have over 100 of her pieces and would love to write a book about her. 


How did you Spend your last Birthday?

I spent my last birthday in Amsterdam eating an amazing 6 course meal at de Silveren Spiegel (photo included).

What was your first job?

My first real job besides working at the travel agency my sister and I started for our stuffed animals, was as a picture framer when I was 15. I loved it.


In your opinion what is the biggest sign of weakness in another person?

I think playing the blame game is the biggest sign of weakness in another person. 


If you could pick one memory to spend your eternal afterlife, what would it be?

I’d spend my eternal afterlife in 5/15/23 . . . My partner and I were vacationing in Italy and we decided to head to Venice to buy a ring. The day got off to a bumpy start with a delayed train, then a wrong train, and finally the right train. We managed to arrive on the one sunny day in the middle of two weeks of rain. I found a delightful hotel near the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. It was built in the 17th century, overlooking a canal and filled with antique furniture. Our first stop after checking in was Peggy’s house, which was incredible! Next, we headed to the jewelry shop. On the we way I had a Summertime moment à la David Lean. I have never tired of watching Katherine Hepburn walk into the magnificent light of Piazza San Marco. For my cinematic entrance, I wore a 1972 Lanvin rainbow swirl gown that I will probably be wearing on my funeral pyre. Later, mission complete, and en route to dinner, we stopped for Bellinis and a mountain of olives at Harry’s Bar. Finally, we arrived at Wisteria, where we had magically procured a last minute reservation. A 6 course meal turned into 11–and included a perfectly unorthodox marriage proposal. Everything was delicious, but we agreed the simplest dish—spaghetti pomodoro—was the best thing we would ever eat in this world or the next. One bite was enough to die happy. 


How do you feel about the word Spiritual?

I like the word ‘spiritual.’ It feels more inclusive than ‘god.’

Marie-Claire Bozant is a very talented photographer who lives and works in Santa Monica with her partner and a cactus named Rose. See her charming collection of self portraits in fabulous outfits at @marieclairbozant


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