Domi Journal

Inspired by my pal Jess Brown and her fantastic new project "notes from my studio", combined with my desire to step away a little from the format of Insta everything, I am offering my own take. If this is overkill for you, please send us a note saying you would prefer to be exempt from this kind of thing and we can tailor your emails to products and sales only.

I have just finished the spring collection which will show up here mid February, I am often asked how the mechanics of getting the picture in my head to the clothes in your drawer works, so here is a quick little break down.



Can really come from anything, at anytime. This season the seed of the new collection was the Cy Twombly painting, (I always thought I hated purple, I guess I don't, but I love Cy Twombly), crossed with this page of victorian textiles I found on the web, I love the way the mismatching works.



I send some of the very rudimentary drawing to the graphic artist and I do a little back and forth through emails to get the prints to where I want them to be in scale and shape. Veselina our Graphic Artist applies the Adobe magic that takes it from a rough drawing to a textile repeating print. Using the Pantone color system which is an awesome dictionary of color, allows me to get an exact replica of the colors I want, both in the digital drawings and for sending to the printers in India. Every color in the Pantone library has a number and color recipe that is industry standard. I love that there are still somethings that you can count on. The Adobe file and the Pantone numbers are sent to Arvind and Anjali, who are in charge of turning all of this into something you can wear. Anjali sends back what we call "strikes" which is samples of the printed fabric so I can make any adjustments before they print up a small amount of yardage to make the samples.The samples are sewn in India, we select from from our library of styles and always try to add a new one or two into the mix. Both Anjali and I love using the iPad to send information back and forth.


Distribution and Selling

Generally within 48 hours of the samples arriving (we are always in emergency mode) we do a photo shoot so we can start sending the photos around to the shops we sell to for order taking. Prior to Covid this was a precursor to a trade show.