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  • Claire Ellis

    SO cute! I feel like a little French girl in the country side when I slip into my PJ sets. There are a few things in life that are worth getting quality – sushi and comfy sleepwear are two of them! Buy for the print and stay for the comfort. Also, I am obsessed with their signature scent! It is so beautiful, herbal, and fresh with just the right amount of earthiness!

  • Jesse

    I LOVE EVERYTHING I HAVE FROM YOU! Seriously, I am so particular about sleepwear. Yours is the BEST. Thank you for making it.

  • karen hopkins

    Every time I see Domi in my inbox I know I’m gonna get inspired. This morning it is by the beautiful real model in my favorite, black. It’s creative dressing and a way of life to me that encourages individuality and ease in a very welcome way.

  • Sherry Miles

    I am responding to your email wearing my Domi short sleepwear which is so comfortable. I bought them because I loved the print; now I love them because they are ultra comfortable. Don’t know what it is, but they are so sleepable!! In fact when I lay my head down to sleep I think to myself, "Why are these PJ’s so comfortable?? No binding, just a feeling of comfort. Don’t know what it is, but please continue:)

  • Lisa Williams

    So – It is New Year’s day and one of the best things? I did not get out of my Domi pajamas all day. I now have 3 pairs and I love them all. Slipping into a Domi pajama set at the end of a long day (most of the time, I do have to get out of my pajamas) is just the bit of self care and pampering I need. Did I mention I love them?