Elena Brower- Mother, mentor, meditator, author, artist, volunteer. Most days, a student. 

Elena Brower Domi


What is the best meal you have ever eaten?

I have four. 

+Back when it was open, Il Bulli on the Costa Brava in Spain.

+Kappo Masa in NYC, when we lived there. I miss that meal. 

+Desayuno Tipico at Mi Finca in Costa Rica, on the drive between San Jose and Nosara. Most nourishing breakfast.

+Only rivaled by the Desayuno Tipico at Naked Foods in Nosara, particularly after a cold plunge at the Harmony Hotel.  


What Song would be the soundtrack to your life, you can only pick one.

Can i pick one for the last few months? Matumbayo by Eduardo Castillo and Mardeleva. Just a whole vibe. But some days it's pure silence. 

What is your guiltiest pleasure.

Dark Chocolate. Either Wei of Chocolate or Gnosis Chocolate or both, even better. 


What have you done that would most impress your 15 year old self?

I managed to raise a wonderful, kind human.   


How do you measure success?

By how well I've slept. And I'm not just saying that because it's you. That's really the barometer. 


Describe to me your perfect day?

Hour of meditation, hour of workout, hour of sauna, 30 mins of alternating hot tub and cold plunge, lunch, work for 2 hours, meditate again, dinner, an old Japanese film, bed by 930.   


Who was your childhood hero?

My mom.  


What do you do on Sunday?

As little as possible.  


What is one fact that few people know about you?

I love cleaning sinks in public bathrooms. 


How did you spend your last birthday?

I baked brownies for the local shelter and had a long massage, sat at Upaya for meditation and was asleep by 930.


Who is your best friend , how did you meet?

I have a short list of best friends. They know precisely who they are and how dear they are to me. I'm thinking in this moment of Ally Bogard; we met on the playa at Burning Man near the Temple in 2012 and haven't been energetically separated since.  


What is the biggest sigh of weakness in another person?

Not realizing how human and beautiful they are.  


5 things to do less often?

Smoke, drink, eat sugar, berate yourself, abandon yourself.  


Give me some good deed ideas?

Send your parents a questionnaire to ask them everything you've ever wanted to know. If you can.  


Any advice on getting a good nights sleep?

Start at 430pm - eat early, as much protein as you can, take magnesium, put on some comfy PJs from Domi and tuck yourself in by 9pm.  


Tell me why Girls on Fire Leaders is the charity that captured your heart ?
Just after her first real trip to Kenya to serve the girls, I met founder Eileen and was engaged instantly. We teach adolescent girls to lead, to innovate, to help the younger ones learn and care. We find ways to work with their families to help them see the value in sending their girls to school, to create a solid future for themselves. 


 Elena Brower is so many things, but mostly she is very wise and very kind.
She lives in Santa Fe with her husband and son, she works pretty much everywhere.
Learn more about her work at


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