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What did your family do on weekends when you were little?

I’m from a really small town, so not much. I would help my mother clean the house or go for a cruise through town with my pops. As a big family, on the weekends, we would get together bbq, eat, and laugh. 


Who is your best friend? How did you meet?

My best friends are my sisters and my nieces (within same age group) who are like my sisters. We have always been really close and they are my medicine when I need laughter and love. 


What is the first thing you do when you start your work/ studio day

Getting excited to put on a good playlist depending on the mood I’m in to get into my zone. Music is always the juice to a good day.


Who did you worry about today?

It rained quite a bit in West Texas (rare) and I was thinking of my 80 year old co-worker, Maria. I worried about her walking through the shelter I work at and  possibly slipping or falling. 


Best Childhood memory?

My best childhood memory is my father allowing me to trace all of his tattoos with a pen and the way my parents always encouraged my creativity.


How have you changed in the last two years?

I practice patience more now. I would worry so much about what the future holds for me that I would focus on the end goal rather than trusting the process. I am more patient with each day and what it has to offer me. 


Give me some good deed ideas?

Listening and smiling. Listening to or smiling at a stranger can make their day. We’re all going through something.

Hope Mora for The New Yorker, May 29th 2022



When was the last time you cried?

The last time I cried was when my partner proposed to me. The moment was so special and represented how much we mean to one another how we just want to make something cool out of this life together.


What is your guilty pleasure T.V show?

I don’t know if I feel guilty about watching TV, but The Office is always such an easy feel good show for me. 


Which parent are you closer to? 

I think my father and I share humor and storytelling together and I feel close to him in that way. My mother and I connect over curiosity and wonder about the world. 


Do you believe in God?

I grew up Catholic, and I always felt pressured or forced to believe in a God, but I always questioned religion at an early age. I do believe in the possibility of it, but I actually just believe in the mystery of it all. 


What childhood toy did you long for and never get?

A Tamagotchi, the digital pet.


What Smell Brings Back Great Memories?

The smell of west Texas desert after it rains. 



Any good get get yourself to sleep tips?

I can sleep easily anywhere, anytime, but I love carving time to do a full skin routine at night, dim the lights, snuggle, and have a moment of gratitude before bed. 


Hope Mora is a visual artist currently working and teaching in West Texas. Her most recent photography work accompanied a  feature in The New Yorker following the tragic Uvalde shootings. https://www.newyorker.com/news/dispatch/two-mothers-confront-the-unimaginable-in-uvalde

See all of Hope's beautiful and very personal work on her website.





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