Masha Tea

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Creating a fun, thoughtful, and sensual tea culture worldwide
Founded in Brooklyn by naturopath, Dr. Maria Geyman ND, Masha Tea brings the healing and regenerative powers of natural teas to discerning drinkers. Designed with flavor, sustainability, and beauty in mind, Masha Teas are assembled by hand in small batches and made with love.
Calm Tea : 


Ingredients : organic chrysanthemum, organic chamomile, organic lemon balm

flavors : lightly floral and earthy

Chamomile :

Ingredients : organic egyptian chamomile

flavors : lightly floral and earthy

herbal qualities : calming, slow, eases the belly

Skin Tea :

ingredients : organic licorice + organic burdock

flavors : earthy and subtly sweet

herbal qualities : alterative, liver-detox, adaptogen


How To Measure

When selecting your size, we recommend you refer to our size guide below to help you choose the right fit.

If you are still unsure, feel free to send us an email at, someone will respond shortly to talk you through it..

Using a tape measure, hold the tape horizontally around your body. Once you have your measurements simply compare them to the chart below and order according to your closest numbers.


BUST 32 34 36 38
WAIST 25 27 29 31
HIPS 35 37 39  41

How to care for Domi 

All Domi products are pre washed so shrinking is never a problem. Think before you wash, washing is hard on textiles and on the environment, washing your Domi at low temperatures and line drying is a great way to save measures. Always wash with “like “ colors and should you need to remove a stain use an oxiginated  bleach ( we suggest oxy-clean). never chlorine bleach. Always remember to unbutton your buttons before washing, the swish-swish of the machine tugs at the  threads.

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