Beth Katz - Ceramic Artist

Beth Katz Mount Washington Pottery

What is your first Memory?

My first memories are of my Grandfather, specifically gardening with him. He loved gardening and instilled his love of gardening in me.


How do you start your work studio day? What are the first couple things that happen?

I love mornings and like to savor them. I wake up early, have a giant cup of coffee while I practice my Spanish and after a  little round of snuggles in bed with the dogs  I’m ready for work. 


What was the last thing you celebrated?

A group birthday. My friend , her son, my neighbor and I all have birthdays within a few weeks of each other. 

We make or gather a yummy meal and have a game night. Eating and laughing, so much fun!


Do you think people are naturally good ?

Yes I believe we are born inherently good. Our decisions and actions aren’t always but our essence is. 

What is a phrase or colloquialism that makes you cringe?

I usually mess up colloquialisms so in general I think they’re funny and they make me laugh.


Death Row Meal?

Toast with french salted butter and avocado, good milk chocolate, the perfect juice dripping down your face peach and a salad Lyonaise.


Do you have a photo of your dogs in costumes that you will share?

This is my previous dog Lucie. My current dogs won’t tolerate me dressing them up!


If you had intro music , what song would it be?

The theme to the 70’s game show Let’s Make a Deal.


Tell me two things on your bucket list?

More travel and to learn print making.


How important do you think it is to be honest?

Being honest is the bravest and most important thing one can be.


 Beth Katz is the creative force behind Mt. Washington Pottery, an heirloom quality collection of functional and decorative ceramics. She lives and works in the Mt. Washington area of Los angeles with her two dogs Hapi and Petal . Mt. Washington Pottery is sold in fine boutiques in the USA and Japan as well as on the Mt. Washington Pottery website,

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